Our Process.

Who We Serve.  Where We Work.  What We Do and Why.


We work with people looking to make the switch to renewable power for their home or incorporate 

renewables into their business model. 

SunFlower is

enabling homeowners, local businesses, 

farmers and agricultural producers to implement sustainable energy

into their operations through a number of

local, state and federal incentives.


SunFlower offers

roof and ground-mounted,  even carport-compatible solar and wind energy technologies, in addition to battery energy storage. 

Ground-mounts take the form of seasonally adjustable and dual-axis tracking units, as well as stationary fixed-mount solar designs.


Our design solutions are catered to the unique needs of each customer

we meet.


We are a

New Hampshire-based company providing

solar and wind energy

consultations to all

NH residents.

Whether you're in

the Lakes Region,

the White Mountains

or Southern NH,

SunFlower has you covered for your solar and wind energy needs.


Our reason is

the size of the Earth. 

The driver behind our mission goes by the name

of Climate Change.


We’re here to mitigate,

as much as we can,

the catastrophe that is currently raging

around the globe. 


SunFlower is involved in renewable energy,

efficient building practices and modernized agricultural growing methods — because they're worth pursuing, improving and advancing for the

sake of the world.

What Happens On
A Site-Visit?

In a nutshell:


Information is collected to create the most realistic energy system possible. 


A site visit takes approximately 1 hour to complete and comes at no cost to the inquiring party.   


In Further Detail:

Measurements and photographs of a roof's interior & exterior or the ground-area are taken.

These help to accurately predict a solar PV system’s output.  The location's shading is validated using a Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approved solar pathfinder instrument where the ideal solar location is determined to be.  This reading is utilized in addition to the award-winning solar design software that our systems are modeled on - Aurora Solar - which helps to improve shading results through the use of LIDAR (laser) satellite data.


We look at the utility bill to determine the annual electricity usage at your location.  

This is done to accurately size your system, which is designed for the current NH power market.  Your utility provider’s four most recent electricity rate changes are taken into account, providing a true annual perspective.  Big surprises on the electric bill are discussed to establish why the bill is unreasonable.  


The electrical outlay of the area is important to understand. 

SunFlower documents any critical electrical components present on-site.  

Unique characteristics of the home, building or property are discussed in addition to any roadblocks identified by SunFlower.  We review the next steps in the process and provide advice on recommended agencies to contact regarding a potential solar installation.


We can outline simple ecological integration methods that encourage a solar array to

fully coexist with wildlife and the natural environment around it.

These methodologies come at no sacrifice to the solar performance (and actually benefit it).  

We’ll establish the next point of contact and be on our way. 


SunFlower performs a truly comprehensive analysis of property nuances

and solar potential, all while keeping the preference of the

customer first in mind when designing a solar project.