The Greenhouse 1.0

Growing Year Round Using The Sun!



Inspired by the inability to grow fresh produce throughout the year in the Northeast -


The Greenhouse 1.0 was designed and created to give farmers, businesses and individuals the power to grow plants without the worries of snow, extreme temperatures and pests ruining crop yields.


The Greenhouse 1.0 provides ideal and 

controlled growing conditions year-round,

regardless of external environments. 



Powered by solar and wind generation,

the user has full control over temperature, humidity and light levels throughout the year. 


Built-in battery energy storage ensures consistent power output and peace of mind.


The Greenhouse 1.0 integrated system utilizes all of the energy it produces, allowing full independence from grid power and electricity.


Whats Next?

We are working on making a larger version of this happen, which would allow us to suuply even more residents of NH with locally grown produce all seasons of the year!