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Frequently Asked Questions

What Would You Like to Know?

Could I purchase a battery-only system?

Yes, and the 26% Federal ITC will apply if there is an existent renewable system already operational on-site.  Ask us about a battery-specific site visit if this option interests you.


Are your micro greens organic?

Our micros are not certified organic due to our hydroponic growing method.  Though we are not certified, we follow very strict growing guidelines, starting with certified organic seeds and never adding pesticides or nutrient boosters.

What Financing Options do I have at My Disposal?

Self-financing a project will inherently have the fastest payback time. 

We also offer routes of external financing that are competitive with interest rates seen amongst a wide range of home improvement financing solutions.


Ensemble-CED Financing -

Rates as low as 2.99% *


Admiral Bank Financing -

Rates as low as 4.375% *


VSECU VGreen Project Loans -

Rates as low as 5.15% *  

* Given eligible credit rating - Rates are assessed on a per-project basis

What is the Lead-Time on My Future Solar Installation?

Expect a solar project to take 1-2 months from the initial consultation to the date of installation.  These timelines are updated seasonally and tend to decrease during the Winter & Springtime, due to the nature of the solar industry.

What can I do with micro greens?

Micros are great for a number of things!  You can use them as flavor boosters in almost any meal or as nutrient-rich food in your daily diet. They can be used on salads, sandwiches, with soft cheeses and so much more!

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