Solar FAQ's

What Financing Options do I have at My Disposal?

Self-financing a project will inherently have the fastest payback time. We also offer routes of external financing that are competitive with interest rates seen amongst a wide range of home improvement financing solutions.


Ensemble-CED Financing -

Rates as low as 2.99% *


Admiral Bank Financing -

Rates as low as 4.375% *


VSECU VGreen Project Loans -

Rates as low as 5.15% *  

* Given eligible credit rating - Rates are assessed on a per-project basis

Are there any tax incentives or rebates available?

We have great news for you, the federal government provides a 26% Federal Tax Incentive for new solar projects, including battery storage! This means come tax time, 26% of the project cost can be applied to your tax liability for that year and you can stretch it out over a total of three years! 

Regarding state rebates, NH has one! At this time it is capped at a total of $1000 for new residential projects and is provided to the property owner in the form of a physical check, so maybe you can buy yourself the grill you've been eyeing!

Is there annual or monthly maintenance that has to be done?

When solar is installed on the roof of a home, no maintenance is expected for the lifetime of the system. This is the same case for ground-mounted systems unless they are on a seasonally adjustable racking mount or a tracker unit. 

How do you know whether my home is good for solar or not?

We use many types of calculations and software to outline the ways your property is good for solar. We use what is referred to as LIDAR Data to allow us to properly and accurately model your home or property with trees, landscapes and structures in mind. In addition to that, we physically go out to your property to take measurements of the roof or ground as well as use a device to better depict your annual sun exposure and therefore more accurately model the next 25 years of your solar production and payback. 

What is the Lead-Time on My Future Solar Installation?

Expect a solar project to take 1-2 months from the initial consultation to the date of installation.  These timelines are updated seasonally and tend to decrease during the Winter & Springtime, due to the nature of the solar industry.

What do we have to do to keep the solar panels clean and free of dirt, snow and other natural elements?

Think of your solar array as a metal roof, when it rains the panels get washed off and when it snows the snow covered panels will rid themselves of the snow once the layer of snow touching the panels starts to melt. NH residents are lucky in the sense that we do not see acid rain or high levels of dirt in the air. 

What happens when we loose power? Do the Solar Panels still work?

The quick answer to this is simple, when the power goes out, for safety reasons, the panels no longer provide power to your home or the grid UNLESS you have adopted a back-up battery storage system to allow your home to become an "energy island".

Are there warranties included with a solar system?

Yes! There are a few types of warranties that come along with a solar project.


The first of which is provided by the installation contractor. The State of NH requires all electricians to honor their work for 1 year after completion, we have you covered for 5 years on anything we touch electrically as well as the roof!


The second warranty comes from the manufacturers themselves. This is related to not only the product but also the production capability of the panels. Every year you expect a minimal degradation in power production and the manufacturers warranty that power production rating for 25 to 30 years, depending on the manufacturer. 

The third warranty is related to your inverter product. This is typically warrantied for an average of 10 years (product depending) and can be extended to 25 years to match the panel warranties for a small additional cost.

Could I purchase a battery-only system?

Yes, and the 26% Federal ITC will apply if there is an existent renewable system already operational on-site.  Ask us about a battery-specific site visit if this option interests you.

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