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Our Growing Process.

SunFlower operates a local hydroponic farm that has been producing tasty, fresh and sustainably grown microgreens since 2019. 

We grow our greens in an internally developed four-season greenhouse powered by solar and wind energy!  SunFlower yields the same quality, local produce in the dead of winter as it does in the summer. Everything we do is done with the environment in mind.


The Greenhouse 1.0 is a soilless operation - only water and natural fiber mats are used.  This lends more cleanliness to the final product, assists in our goal of achieving minimal-waste farming techniques and reduces the risk of contamination in our production space. 


In addition to growing hydroponically and powering our farm with renewable resources, our seeds are bought from a New England-based company that focuses on non-GMO and organic seeds.

Though hydroponic farming methods such as ours cannot be 'organic-certified', we employ a strictly monitored growing

process and environment.

SunFlower DOES NOT use pesticides and, therefore, is not required to use 'final flush' techniques. 

Our mission of an environmentally-focused future does not stop at growth techniques. SunFlower has chosen to work with a local company focused on plant-based food packaging. 

Our produce are harvested and supplied locally, minimizing transportation emissions. 

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